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Hello Tractor

Through this activity, Hello Tractor and the Alliance for e-Trade will co-invest in efforts to expand Hello Tractor’s booking agent network in Kenya and Nigeria, while enabling its ability to scale its booking agents process by digitalizing booking agent training and onboarding activities.

Hello Tractor

Country: Kenya and Nigeria

Program type: Digital transformation

Dates: 2023-2024

Objective: In partnership with USAID, Hello Tractor will invest in its near term and long-term capability to expand its community-based booking networks in Kenya and Nigeria.

Target audience: Kenyan and Nigerian farmers

Partners: Hello Tractor

Key objectives include:  

  1. Update and digitalize the booking agent training onboarding curriculum to improve the rate and scale of expanding Hello Tractors’ agent network in Kenya and Nigeria to set the stage for introduction in other African markets. 

  2. Identify, onboard and train 300 new booking agents in Kenya (150) and Nigeria (150) to bring new farmers on to Hello Tractor’s digital platform and connect them to tractor operators to increase the acres mechanized and create job opportunities for tractor operators.

  3. Through the expanded booking agent network, onboard 1,000 new farmers onto the Hello Tractor platform in Kenya and Nigeria, with at least 750 farmers making bookings to access mechanization services through the platform.

  4. Use lessons learned and adaptions from the digital to scale the digital booking agent onboarding process to other markets in Sub Saharan Africa.

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