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Digital payment/mobile money solution for cocoa farmers


Led by Cargill

Cargill and the eTrade Alliance are piloting implementation of a digital payment/mobile money solution for farmers in Cameroon, supporting farmers’ access to digital financial services while increasing the KYC, transparency and security of the cocoa value chain.

Specifically, Cargill is working with local banks and telecommunications companies in Cameroon to provide bank account services linked to an electronic wallet through the platform, enabling payment of certification premium through a digital, transparent, and secure way. For using this secure platform, Cargill is issuing a premium payment for certified cocoa at harvest.


Cargill confirmed the identify of 10,000 farmers as part of the “know your customer” requirement imposed by most telecom companies in Cameroon, issued a marketing campaign targeting 4,000 cocoa farmers, and distributed training to 3,500 farmers on use of the digital wallet.

Mobile application platform
Provide access of digital financial solutions to cocoa farmers to enhance efficiency of their transactions and cash flow
Cocoa farmers
Target Audience
Program Type

In progress

Cargill will continue rolling out the ePayments pilot to onboard an additional 7,000 farmers onto their mobile money platform. For the farmer, the electronic wallet allows them to be paid securely and build up savings. For Cargill, the digital verification and security services offered by the mobile money platform incentivizes Cargill to pay a premium for farmers operating on the platform. Cargill plans to provide digital premium payments to 17,000 farmers.

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