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In progress in 2021

Mayors for eTrade pilot, to catalyze MSME ecommerce with public and private sector leaders in cities


Led by all Alliance members

The Alliance’s Mayors for eTrade work aims to engage public and private sector leaders from selected municipalities in Ecuador and potentially Mexico to support MSMEs ecommerce in their respective regions, and by tooling these local leaders with Alliance and its partners’ technologies and solutions to enable MSME ecommerce.


The first activities aim to:

  • Engage leaders to share more about their work to enable MSME development, digitization, and ecommerce.

  • Educate the Alliance more about their current engagements and needs for MSME ecommerce development.

  • Inform the local leaders about the Alliance and its many partners’ technology solutions and capabilities to support MSME ecommerce.

  • Enable Alliance and local leaders to together define the optimal support the Alliance can lend to local leaders.


As an example, one concept discussed is to cultivate in cities local “eCommerce Champions," individuals and organizations who could systematically shepherd MSMEs in their respective regions to learn to use regional and global marketplaces and the range of logistics, payments, IT and other services the Alliance partner companies readily offer, to connect even more remote firms to global markets.


The pilot builds of the strong interest Ecuadorian stakeholders expressed in the Mayors for eTrade-concept during the Ecuador Digital Trade Dialogue in July 2020.

Local government initiative
Engage public and private sector leaders at a local level and provide with tools from Alliance and partners' technologies and solutions to enable MSME ecommerce
Private and public sector leaders at city level
Alliance wide
Target Audience
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