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The Kasha Digital Retail and Last Mile Distribution Platform Project plans to support, test, and measure the effectiveness of incorporating a digital logistics and retail platform into an underserved sector to underserved populations.


Country: Kenya

Program type: Workshops/Trainings

Dates: 2023-2024

Objective: To equip youth and entrepreneurs in Kenya with relevant enterprise, digital, and soft skills required to improve their economic and business outcomes within the e-commerce industry

Target audience: Young Kenyan Entrepreneurs

Partners: BrighterMonday Kenya

The e-Biz Kwa Vijana Project aims to span over 12 months, with its implementation set in Nairobi, Kenya. Its primary goal is to attract, train, onboard, and provide ongoing support to young entrepreneurs, empowering them to expand their market presence, sustain their businesses, and achieve significant growth by harnessing the potential of well-established e-commerce platforms. Additionally, the project is committed to generating valuable insights into the effective strategies, reasons, and methods that young entrepreneurs in Kenya can employ to enhance their business outcomes through digital platforms.

To achieve these objectives, the project relies on fostering partnerships and collaborations with industry experts and stakeholders, alongside employers and job seekers. This initiative is led by BrighterMonday Kenya, operating under the umbrella of The African Talent Company (TATC).

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