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Kati Suominen

This white paper aims to contribute to African governments and African Union Commission’s work to promote MSME ecommerce with new survey diagnostics of over 2,000 African MSMEs, policy analytics in 12 Africa countries, and fresh pilot ideas to enable African MSMEs to engage in trade through ecommerce. 

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In Aug. 2021 - Corporate Digital Identity to Enable Developing Country MSMEs' Use of Ecommerce

Kati Suominen

This white paper discusses the creation and adoption of government-backed corporate digital IDs to enable especially developing country MSMEs to onboard B2B marketplaces, access financial and trade services, and build trust with trading partners. 

The Angel of Independence in Mexico City

Kati Suominen

This paper  brings together the Alliance's research and data on Mexico and new policy ideas to promote Mexican MSMEs' use of ecommerce as well as the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) for expanding their trade. 

Business Meeting

In Aug. 2021 - Empowering women-led firms in the digital economy: Roadmap 

Kati Suominen

This paper is a data-driven roadmap for governments, private sector actors, and the international development community to optimize their growing support and capacity-building work to enable women-led firms sell online and thrive in the global digital economy. Co-branded with Visa.