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What is the best place in the world for MSMEs to do  ecommerce? New Index

If you could as a business owner locate anywhere in the world to maximize your opportunities in ecommerce, where would you go?

The eTrade Alliance's "Best Place for MSME Ecommerce"-Index aims to answer this question and provide policymakers and other stakeholders a holistic sense of how their country compares in the elements that are key for MSMEs to do cross-border ecommerce.


The index is based on 48 outcome variables across six key areas - connectivity, logistics and trade facilitation, digital payments, access to finance, workforce digital skills, and policies for doing business online - across 190 countries.

While the Alliance's  Ecommerce Policy Index focuses on countries' adoption of policies conducive to MSME ecommerce (such as, national broadband plan exists), this "Best Place"-index focuses on policy outcomes (such as share of population with access to broadband). The methodological note for the index can be found here.

The methodological note is here.

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