White Papers on Policy, Technology and Programmatic Solutions to Enable Ecommerce Development

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Kati Suominen, Barbara Kotschwar, Erica Libertelli, Maria Luisa Boyce, Erica Vambell

This paper explores how the Covid-19 crisis created greater gender disparities in the Latin American and Caribbean regions through disproportionately affecting women, and proposes ways that governments can support and empower women in the Covid-19 economic recovery.


Kati Suominen, Erica Vambell, Mariah Furtek

This report maps the adoption of 130 policies conducive to MSME ecommerce in 10 major policy areas in 52 countries, most of them developing and emerging nations of Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America.

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Kati Suominen

This paper, co-sponsored by eTrade Alliance partner Visa, is a data-driven roadmap for governments, corporations, and the international development community to optimize capacity-building work to enable women-led firms sell online and thrive in the global digital economy. 

Data transfer

Kati Suominen and Erica Vambell

The purpose of this report is to contribute to the growing discussions on cross-border data transfer policies in Africa, and to discuss regional data transfer policies that are compatible with the aims of free trade and MSME cross-border ecommerce.