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eTrade Alliance Webinar Series

Women in Ecommerce

In honor of Women's History Month, this webinar focused on good practices and lessons-learned from our work to promote women-led firms in ecommerce in Latin America, Africa and Asia. The webinar brought together a panel of speakers from Alliance members Visa and eCommerce Institute as well as UNCTAD to discuss approaches and models that have been implemented in empowering women entrepreneurs in ecommerce.

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Data Transfer, Governance, and Privacy

This webinar focused on ways to promote MSME ecommerce through deeper regional digital integration and good cross-border data transfer rules. The webinar brought together a panel of speakers from Alliance members Visa, Mastercard, AMVO, and Google to discuss topics such as the challenges for women-owned MSMEs, the value of data in combatting fraud and cyberattacks, policies to enable international ecommerce, and cross-border data flows in Africa.

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Fintech Webinar

The third installment in the eTrade Alliance’s webinar series addressed the role of new and innovative financial technology service companies (i.e., “fintechs”) in supporting MSME ecommerce in developing economies.


Reducing Logistics Costs for MSMEs in Developing Economies

The fourth installment in the eTrade Alliance’s webinar series focused on examining the logistical cost constraints that deter MSMEs from engaging in ecommerce. The panelists on the webinar were composed of the Alliance's primary logistical partners, DHL and UPS, who address the causes of such constraints and the actions their companies are taking to alleviate them. The session also showcases Nextrade's empirical research on logistics pain points in ecommerce and related policy recommendations. 

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Workforce Training & Digital Skills Development

This webinar focused on the importance of training and capacity-building programs in developing the skills and competencies needed by MSMEs and entrepreneurs for business opportunities in today's digital economy. Speakers in the webinar include Alliance partners, who showcase the training programs they are operationalizing with the Alliance, along with challenges and key elements to achieving desired outcomes. 

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