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The Kasha Digital Retail and Last Mile Distribution Platform Project plans to support, test, and measure the effectiveness of incorporating a digital logistics and retail platform into an underserved sector to underserved populations.


Country: Kenya

Program type: Digital transformation

Dates: 2023-2024

Objective: To increase access to noncommunicable disease (NCD) healthcare services and products to rural Kenyans while testing the ability of digital platforms to digitize a supply chain, facilitate efficient ecommerce logistics in the health sector, and incorporate small and medium-sized businesses into the value chain

Target audience: Rural Kenyan population

Partners: Kasha

The Digital Retail and Last Mile Distribution Platform for Access to Health Project by Kasha is meant to increase the use of digital tools and participation of women and MSMEs in digital marketplaces to improve access to health and increase trade and investment in Africa overall. Kasha is digital marketplace that allows women to become agents that engage consumers, patients, and local retailers to bring them online and drive digital commerce, in regard to selling and distributing medicines for diabetes and hypertension. In partnership with pharmaceutical manufacturers, rural and female entrepreneurs would be enabled to create additional jobs and join the digital marketplace.

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