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CocoaTrace platform empowers cocoa farmers to manage their business


Led by Cargill

Cargill launched the CocoaTrace platform and corresponding system of applications in 2017 with Koltiva. This platform is a mobile application that provides Cargill’s traders and extensionists a way to track certification requirements (for example, Rainforest Alliance or organic certifications) through the cocoa supply chain in Indonesia, specifically by collecting smallholder farmer data, tracking training/coaching participation, measuring adoption of farming best practices, and mapping boundaries and conducting internal audits.


Under the eTrade Alliance, Cargill will be modifying and upgrading CocoaTrace to increase transparency and functionality to the farmers and input suppliers themselves, empowering farmers in managing their business with Cargill by providing additional ecommerce services to users and increased monitoring and evaluation capabilities for different certifications.


The new functions will:

  • Connect farmers to input suppliers

  • Provide real-time visibility of their cocoa supply chain

  • Allow extensionists to communicate with their farmers in-app or via SMS text messages

These notifications and messages will confirm cocoa volumes purchased and premiums earned, share market updates and information on best farming practices, and distribute other technical assistance.

Mobile application
Help empower cocoa farmers to manage their business by providing additional ecommerce services
Cocoa farmers
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Cargill has incorporated user feedback on FarmGate, FarmXtension, Farm Retail, and Farm Cloud, and has launched initial functions. In 2020, FarmGate trainings were rolled out to staff, cluster leaders and traders, and data was mapped for 10,789 farmers in the FarmXtension application. SMS capabilities went live, with 31,754 SMS sent to farmers. 

In Progress

Cargill will continue to scale uptake for FarmCloud and FarmRetail, with an additional 30 SMEs onboarded and using FarmRetail, and 6,000 additional farmers onboarded and using FarmCloud. For farmers who do not have smart phones, Cargill will continue to rely on SMS services, with an estimated 25,000 messages being sent either from CocoaTrace or from Cargill.


Cargill will also continuously improve the FarmXtension and FarmGate Mobile Applications to include better map syncing capabilities, accessible photo storage for farmers and extensionists, and an in-app chat function to facilitate communication between farmers, extensionists, and Cargill staff. All extensionists and traceability field agents, plus traders, will be trained continuously in the upgrades as they become available. As FarmXtension and FarmGate are already fully implemented, upgrades can be easily extended through the entire Cargill sustainable sourcing network, benefitting all areas of intervention.


Cargill will introduce a new feature to the CocoaTrace ecosystem - the ability to measure Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) from farm to factory and help inform farmers how to reduce their emissions. The calculation will include fertilizer use, rate of tree planting, and transport through the supply chain. It is anticipated that the pilot for the functionality will cover 30% of Cargill’s network.

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