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Ecuador Digital Trade Dialogue

Ecuador, Virtual

Led by Latin American eCommerce Institute

The Ecuador Digital Trade Dialogue was hosted on July 3, 2020 by the Latin American eCommerce Institute and the Ecuadorian Chamber for eCommerce and supported by the Alliance for eTrade Development.


The Alliance looked to support through this engagement the Ecuadorian government’s ongoing work on promoting MSME ecommerce, especially ecommerce of women-led and rural enterprises, and Ecuador’s national ecommerce strategy development. The Alliance aimed to catalyze discussions on:


  • Pending challenges to MSME ecommerce and cross-border ecommerce in Ecuador;


  • Policy and technology solutions to these challenges in several key areas (digital regulatory frameworks, logistics and trade facilitation, crossborder payments, ecommerce capacity-building, and local ecommerce development); and


  • Pilot program ideas and policy initiatives to operationalize these solutions to promote MSME ecommerce in 2021-22, including through the Alliance’s work.



Welcoming Remarks (10 minutes) 

  • Leonardo Ottati, President, Ecuadorian Chamber of eCommerce (CECE)

  • Marcos Pueyrredon, President, Latin American eCommerce Institute


Introduction to the eTrade Alliance’s work; diagnostics on MSME ecommerce and ecommerce policies in Ecuador (10 minutes) 

  • Kati Suominen, CEO and Founder, Nextrade Group and Technical Director, eTrade Alliance


Dialogue on Ecuador’s ongoing work to enable MSME ecommerce and to develop an ecommerce strategy (40 minutes)

  • Patricio Alarcón, President, Chamber of Commerce of Quito

  • Daniel Legarda, Vice Minister of Foreign Trade

  • Julio Muñoz, Vice Minister of Information and Communication Technologies

  • Leonardo Ottati, President, CECE

Moderator: Leonardo Ottati, President, CECE


Discussions on policy and technology solutions and pilot ideas in areas of interest to Ecuador:

Ecommerce logistics, last-mile delivery, and trade facilitation (35 minutes)

  • Maria Luisa Boyce, Vice President, Public Policy, UPS

  • Jacqueline Rajuai, Program Manager, Google Plus Codes

  • Edith Villavicencio, Manager for Ecuador, DHL

  • Mauricio Uribe, Country Manager for Ecuador, Servientrega

  • Francisco González, Manager, Urbano Express

Moderator: Kati Suominen, CEO and Founder, Nextrade Group


Secure digital cross-border payments for MSME ecommerce; new MSME finance instruments (35 minutes)

  • Pablo Narváez, CEO, Banred

  • Arturo Campoverde, COO for Ecuador, Paymentez

  • Angelica Vallona, Country Manager for Ecuador & Venezuela, Visa

  • Javier Gamboa, Director of Public Policies for the Andean and Caribbean Region, Mastercard

  • Pablo Patiño, Advisor to the Chairman of the Board, National Finance Corporation

Moderator: Marcos Pueyrredon, President, eCommerce Institute

Ecommerce export promotion, especially to enable women-led businesses in ecommerce (35 minutes)

  • Verónica Chávez Man-Ging, Vice Minister of Export Promotion, ProEcuador

  • Nelly Lara, Undersecretary, Ministry for Economic Inclusion and Social Mobility

  • Isabel Vaquer, Regional Director of Training and Certification, eCommerce Institute

  • Maria Luisa Boyce, Vice President, Global Public Policy, UPS

  • Francisco Estrazulas de Sousa, Director, ConnectAmericas

Moderator: Marcos Pueyrredon, President, eCommerce Institute


Experiences from cities and Cantons in ecommerce development – where are we, what else can be done? (35 minutes)

Initiatives and local projects to promote ecommerce in Ecuador (10 minutes)

  • Pablo Arosemena Marriott President, Federation of Ecuadorian Chambers of Commerce and President, Chamber of Commerce of Guayaquil and IDEPRO Professional Development Institute

Role of universities and innovation & entrepreneurship centers for the development of a national strategy that promotes electronic commerce and digital economy in Ecuador (25 minutes)

  • Jimena Babra Gilbert, Chancellor, Universidad Casa Grande

  • Bianca Dager, General Manager, Municipal Public Company for the Management of Innovation and Competitiveness of Guayaquil, ÉPICO

Moderator: Kati Suominen, CEO and Founder, Nextrade Group


Open dialogue and reflections on next steps (10 minutes)

Virtual Event
July 3rd, 2020
Discuss with local and international private sector and Ecuadorian policymakers policy and technology solutions to advance MSME ecommerce
Private sector and Ecuadorian policymakers
Latin American eCommerce Institute
Ecuadorian Chamber for eCommerce
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