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Google Hustle Academy

The eTrade Alliance and Google are partnering to improve MSME ecommerce skills in Kenya through scaling Google’s Hustle Academy. The Google Hustle Academy is a weeklong training program for MSMEs that launched in 2022 and is open to businesses in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.

Google Hustle Academy

Country: Kenya

Program type: Workshops/Trainings

Dates: 2023-2024

Objective: To support the impact of the Google Hustle Academy through expanding its existing cohort by 1,000 MSMEs and incorporating an ecommerce course into the current curriculum. Ultimately, the project will support the capacity of the Hustle Academy to deliver online training to more MSMEs in Kenya, and help to build MSMEs’ ecommerce capabilities so they are able to grow their businesses through engagement in the digital economy.

Partners: Upskill Digital and Google

Under this activity, the eTrade Alliance and Google aim to provide effective capacity building for MSMEs, and specifically to increase their capacity to engage in ecommerce and help their businesses grow. While Google’s Hustle Academy provides courses on general business skills, Google would like to expand the Academy curriculum to include more ecommerce-related content and resources so MSMEs can conduct business online.

This content may include but is not limited to: digital marketing, establishing and managing an online store, customer data analytics, digital payments, logistics, social selling, and onboarding onto ecommerce platforms.

In addition, Google would like to scale the existing Academy to target an additional 1,000 MSMEs, specifically those that are “ecommerce ready” or have already begun conducting ecommerce. The desired composition of such MSMEs is:

· Sector agnostic (though their sector will be recorded),

· 50% or more consisting of women-led businesses, and

· 50% geographically located outside of Nairobi

· ~10% of people living with disabilities (PWD)

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