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One-on-one support sessions to onboard onto the Etsy platform


Led by Etsy

The USAID Economic Security Program in Georgia, which supports local MSMEs to improve competitiveness and grow their businesses, including local artisans looking to export their goods to Europe and the United States, collaborated with Etsy to provide ecommerce training to MSMEs in June 2020.


Under this collaboration, Etsy provided two one-on-one phone based support and training sessions to Georgian Artisans, onboarding them to the Etsy platform, increasing their access to foreign markets and providing them with valuable ecommerce skills to improve their resiliency to the impacts of COVID-19.


Following this onboarding, sellers will be encouraged to engage in peer-to-peer support networks to continue SME growth and engagement in online commerce.


Approximately 120-130 MSMEs participated in these support sessions.

Training session
June 2020
Help enable firms to onboard onto Etsy and optimize their content
MSME artisans
USAID Economic Security Program in Georgia
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