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Ecommerce platform and marketing training for SMEs


Led by Etsy

Etsy designed ecommerce and marketing trainings targeting artisans in urban and peri-urban India. These trainings were a mix of:


  • Group workshops on how to onboard to online ecommerce platforms like Etsy and improve artisans’ marketing

  • Tailored one-on-one support to select artisans providing them with capacity building on specific marketing elements such as photography or product descriptions.

Etsy had just begun piloting these trainings when COVID-19 arrived in India and they were forced to pivot to providing all support remotely. They successfully adapted their programming, providing one-on-one mobile training and workshops across several cities.


Training sessions
Help enable firms to onboard onto ecommerce platforms and improve their marketing skills
SME artisans
Target Audience
Program Type

1000 SMEs from urban and peri-urban areas of India received training from Etsy.

In progress

Etsy plans to extend this program into smaller semi-urban and rural areas in India, working closely with artisans to help them create shops, assist with photography and provide support with order processing for an initial start-up term.


Additional onboarding services may include catalogue creation and digital enablement workshops for the sellers. 


Etsy will also work with the Alliance to build the capacity of cooperatives that support rural and semi-urban artisans. Activities would include conducting physical audits and capacity building targeting their businesses practices, and offer on-boarding content and assistance like product photography, catalogue creation and digital enablement workshops to help the cooperatives establish online shops.

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