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In progress in 2021

Pilot to develop an interoperable digital ID for SMEs to access capital and trade services


Led by Mastercard

The Alliance will continue to work with Mastercard to develop the gateway that will allow for the interoperable sharing of information backed by corporate digital IDs. The platform will be building on prior experience in know your customer (KYC)/know your supplier (KYS) solutions developed by Mastercard.


This white label gateway solution will be able to plug into existing marketplaces allowing buyer and seller SMEs to share company information linked through their corporate digital IDs, which will improve their access to trade opportunities on these online marketplaces.


Such a gateway could unlock SMEs’ access to tailored trade insurance or working capital solutions to support their marketplace trades, reducing costs for service providers to serve this segment.

Digital ID project
Develop interoperable digital ID to enable MSME access to marketplaces, trade and financial services, and develop trust with trading partners
SMEs selling on marketplaces
Target Audience
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