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In progress in 2021

Online behavioral assessment and job matching platform, to measure workers' ecommerce readiness


Led by ROAM

Ringier One Africa Media (ROAM) and its Nigerian entity Jobberman, are piloting an assessment technology on their online job matching platform to improve matching candidates to job openings in Nigeria.


Under this program, a behavioral assessment will be integrated into the Jobberman job portal in different categories of the ecommerce economy: large ecommerce companies, informal ecommerce entrepreneurs, and a general population of job seekers. The assessment will be distributed to 20,000 Nigerian youth.


By comparing the assessment results of these different populations ROAM hopes to identify the skill sets best suited to different ecommerce jobs. ROAM’s focus and intent is to use digital technology to change the inefficient and non-transparent labor markets to help to solve the core issue of the huge disparity in fit between applicants and the roles they apply for, and inform on key workforce skills and behaviors needed to be successful in the ecommerce industry in Nigeria and other developing countries.

This pilot is expected to produce pioneering insight for several stakeholders. It will:

  • Provide valuable insights to individuals taking the assessment about their skills and aptitudes and the work environments for which they are best suited.

  • Help employers in the Nigerian ecommerce sector to understand and visualize the skills and aptitudes that exist in their own workforces and better identify talent and optimally match talent to positions.

  • Enable Nigerian policymakers to learn about the skills and aptitudes that exist in the country’s labor market, especially among the youth, which skills and aptitudes are particularly prevalent in the thriving digital and ecommerce businesses, and how prepared the Nigerian workforce is for employment in the formal digital economy and ecommerce businesses.

  • Help inform policymakers to what extent the current skills and aptitudes of informal online sellers might restrain their growth into formal online sellers.

Workforce ecommerce assessment
Enable technology-driven labor markets to better inform and prepare job seekers for the ecommerce economy
Nigerian youth job seekers
Ringier One Africa Media (ROAM), with Jobberman
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