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Building MSMEs' skills for cross-border ecommerce

Developing country MSMEs often lack the skills required for building competitive online sales capabilities. These firms often need much more professionalization to run their online stores and internationalize, such as improvements in inventory management, customer data analytics, digital marketing, and global shipping.  They also tend to need new financial instruments to acquire these capabilities.

The Alliance is training MSMEs in developing countries to set up online stores, get on global online platforms, and train online sellers to export. We pay particular attention to women-led and rural firms. We further apply scalable AI-driven skills development and job matching platform to enable especially young people in developing countries to gain the skills to thrive in digital and ecommerce businesses. 


The Alliance is also working toward a "Digital Transformation for Trade”-facility to enable developing country MSMEs to access resources for acquiring the capabilities they need to thrive as online sellers, and a 360 Ecommerce Academy learning resources for online sellers to professionalize their businesses.

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